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After years of research in search of a complete fashion creativity by Yoze founder Davin Enoyoze Odia, a story of an independent woman with a chic and very elegant style that brings out the boldness in beauty was created. Launched in 2013, Yoze is a fast-growing American fashion brand that embodies the spirit of today’s woman: vibrant, forward-thinking, fast-moving, seeking to inspire and to be inspired. Yoze, believes that design is timeless and that fashion combines the boundaries of age and culture. Yoze pieces are distinctive by their strong visual impact, well-defined lines, and intricate, multi-layered digital prints.

Designed in the U.S. for a global audience, Yoze offers well-structured, versatile pieces with a high design quotient. Taking its inspiration from present and future, as it creates accessible luxury that is uncompromising in richness of detail and design quality.

Yoze creates must-have items for the fashion-conscious modern woman, empowering her to step forth in confidence, and lead in style.


Yoze Founder

Davin Odia|

Yoze Founder

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for our Spring Summer Collection was to make a strong visual impact. Yoze teamed up with artist J.T. Burke, who specializes in digital print. J.T. Burke’s “Beautiful Again” series was showcased on Yoze debut.

our goal and idea

Here at Yoze we live by our tagline: Love Deeply, Live Fiercely, and Be You! Our goal is to encourage every woman to do just that, love deeply, live fiercely and be themselves. We set out to accomplish that with each of our designs.

Where to find us

You can purchase Yoze and other brands on your website directly. Also finding a Yoze showrooms near you is easy. Our showrooms locator provides the most up-to-date information on Yoze showrooms close to you. Find showrooms

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